Anna Phua

Food & Beverage Consultant

Best known for her expertise in building businesses for Japanese and Taiwanese food business concepts. As one of the judging panelists in Simply Dining, Anna is a gourmand for a world of cuisines.

With a passion to share her discoveries and knowledge of food, Anna has penned and published top-selling books such as the “Festive Delight”, “Active Vegetable and Fruit Enzymes” and “Zesty Southeast Asian Treats”.

  • 365 Cancer Prevention Society Food and Treatment Consultant/Mentor
  • Guest on FM972 & FM958 Radio Health Programme
  • Intestinal Detox Nutritionist
  • Consultant for many beauty healthcare in Singapore in regards to weight lost
  • Detoxification Dietitian
  • Weight Lost Expert
  • Consultant to food companies for R&D & recipe creation

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