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By The Wine Guy – Louis Chin
New World vs. Old World – What’s the Difference?

This session will discuss New and Old World Wines and outline the stylistic difference between the two. We will cover topics as followings:

  • Where is the Old World?
  • Where is the New World?
  • The Characteristic of Old World and New World wine, why is it simply divided by Old and New?
  • Is Old World wine always better then New World?
  • Is New World wine cheaper and lower quality than Old World wine?
  • Is it true that Old World wine can be kept for a long time?
  • Is it true that Old World wine will appreciate in value compare to New World wine?
  • Q & A

The class will include a tasting of 2 each New and Old World wines to compare and contrast the two worlds. 4 to 5 persons per session.

Duration: 1 day
Price: $480 per session
Glass: to be arranged
Venue: to be arranged
Time: to be arranged
Wine: 4 bottles.

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