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BTEC Unit 6 – Level 2 – Certificate in Apply Make-up

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BTEC Unit 6 – Level 2 – Apply Make-up

Level: 2

Unit type: Optional

Guided learning hours: To be advised


Unit aim

This is a preparation for work unit, which is based on capability and knowledge. The unit is about makeup application. To carry out this unit the learner will need to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene procedures throughout their work.

Unit Introduction

In this unit learners will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required for a popular area of work within beauty therapy, make-up application. Make-up treatments can be carried out on their own or as part of a special service, for example as part of a wedding package. Learners will appreciate the differences between day, evening and special occasion make-up.

Learners will explore key aspects of pre-treatment preparation procedures, including selecting products, cosmetics, tools and materials for make-up treatments. Learners will develop their organisational skills to plan the treatment and ensure all necessary tools, materials and products are within easy reach.

Learners will have the opportunity to identify the main skin types, structures and functions of the skin, to make suitable decisions when selecting products and cosmetics. They will also develop knowledge of the factors that affect the ageing process, and how to adapt make-up application techniques to enhance the facial characteristics of a range of clients.

This unit gives learners an opportunity to showcase their creative side, drawing on their artistic skills and techniques to apply make-up treatments. The unit also develops professional skills, with an emphasis on following safe and hygienic working practices within the salon environment.



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