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BTEC Unit 4 – Level 3 – Certificate in Body Massage

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BTEC Unit 4 – Level 3 – Body Massage – Certificate in Introduction to Reflexology

This course enables learners develop knowledge of the location of the zones, dividing lines and reflex areas of the feet, and of how to link reflex areas to homeostatic imbalances within the body.

Training Hours – To be advised (Theory & Assignment) & (Assessment)

English / Mandarin (Full-Time) / (Part-Time)

Entry Requirements:
• 16 years old and above (Singaporean/PR), 18 years old and above (Non-Singaporeans)

Awarding Body: Pearson – BTEC International, United Kingdom

Course Syllabus
Complementary therapies are now an integral part of the beauty therapist’s skills base. This unit develops the practical and theoretical skills required to carry out reflexology treatments for clients within the beauty therapy industry.

Mode of Delivery: Face to Face

Teacher-Student Ratio: 1:10

Examination Requirements: Candidates must have 75% attendance in order to take the examination

Examination: BTEC Examination – Assignment

Graduation Requirements: Must obtain at least 60% to pass the exam

Course Commencement Date: Every 1st week of the month

Course Fees: S$2,800.00
Exam Fees: S$350




培训时间 –  被告知(理论和作业)&(评估)

课程时长: 英语/普通话(全日制)/(兼读制)

入学要求:16 岁及以上(新加坡人/PR),18 岁及以上(非新加坡人)

颁奖机构: Pearson – 英国 BTEC 国际

课程纲要: 补充疗法现在是美容治疗师技能基础中不可或缺的一部分。本单元培养为美容治疗行业的客户进行反射疗法所需的实践和理论技能。

教导方式: 面对面

师生比例: 1:10

考试要求: 考生必须达到 75% 的出勤率才能参加考试

考试: BTEC 考试 – 作业

毕业要求: 必须至少获得 60% 才能通过考试

课程开始日期: 每个月的第一个星期

课程费用 : 2,800.00 新元

考试费用: 350 新元

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