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BTEC Unit 2 – Level 3 – Certificate in Client Care and Communication in Beauty-related Industries

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BTEC Unit 2 – Level 3 – Client Care and Communication in Beauty-related Industries

Level: 3

Unit type: Mandatory

Guided learning hours: To be advised


Unit aim

This is a preparation for work unit, which is based on capability and knowledge. This unit is about client care and communication in beauty-related industries. Learners will develop the ability to adapt their provision of client care and their communication skills to the needs of different clients, as well as how to manage client expectations

Unit Introduction

This unit will allow learners to investigate client care and communication. The beauty sector is a diverse area to work in and effective communication skills are essential for business success.

Learners will understand the methods and forms of communication that can be used and how to adapt them to suit any given client and situation. They will investigate the importance of client confidentiality and behaving in a professional manner as well as understand the techniques required to carry out consultations. This will enable them to identify client requirements, manage client expectations and provide suitable advice and recommendations to enhance the client experience and increase business revenue.

Learners will investigate the types of complaints clients make and understand how to resolve them. This unit will encourage learners to improve their working practices by gathering feedback and reviewing their own performance.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit a learner should:

A. Be able to communicate and behave in a professional manner when dealing with clients

B. Be able to manage client expectations






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