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BTEC Unit 11 – Level 3 – Certificate in Start Up a Beauty Business

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BTEC Unit 11 – Level 3 – Start Up a Beauty Business

Level: 3

Unit type: Optional

Guided learning hours: To be advised


Unit aim

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to prepare a start-up proposal for a beauty business, showing understand the skills needed to set up and run a micro-enterprise, the regulations that need to be complied with, and the finances required.

Unit Introduction

Starting a micro-enterprise is an ambition for many people within the beauty sector. The business idea could be a cosmetics retailer/manufacturer, a mobile hairdresser/therapist or small salon owner. However, those setting out need to consider where funding will come from, the potential market, the competition and a host of other issues that must be addressed if the start-up is to be successful.

This unit gives learners the opportunity to consider their idea within structured business parameters, such as the type of business and product to be sold, the feasibility of the idea, the target market and the need to balance personal and business needs.

Learners will also consider their ability to run the enterprise, including the skills they already have to support the idea and what personal development they may have to undertake for the venture to be successful. Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of the legal status and trading terms and conditions of their proposed business, legal aspects such as fire and health and safety regulations, taxation and VAT, and financial aspects such as start-up and operational costs, as well as a personal budget.

Learners will have the opportunity to devise an outline proposal for a micro-enterprise start-up. This will include the components expected by financial advisers, including the type of product, the target market, available resources, financial information and forward planning.


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